How to Park a Domain

How to Park a Domain

Having a different type of domain is a great way of “protecting” your brand. So, when you want your brand to be online, you probably would buy several domain names.

For example, when you launch the brand under, you can also buy other popular TLDs for it, such as, and specific country code options (.us for webmasters in the United States, or .jp for Japan).

So whenever visitors go to, they’ll be pointed to your primary domain instead, You can set this up by using the domain parking method. cPanel provides you a tool called Aliases to do just that.

Things needed:

  • Access to your cPanel account
  • Multiple domain names

Step 1. Access Aliases

From your cPanel’s main dashboard, open the Aliases tool under the Domains section.

aliases tool in cpanel

Step 2. Create a New Parked Domain

Enter the domain name you want to add under the Create a New Alias section and click Add Domain.

add the parked domain

In this example, we’re adding as an alias. So, when you visit that URL, you’ll get the same result as visiting

You need to add a domain from a valid domain registrar. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message. You’ll also find necessary nameserver information and instructions to point out the DNS from your registrar.

Pro Tip: If you want to check and register domain names, you can do so using our domain checker.

Step 3. Manage Redirection

Once you add the domain, it will appear in the aliases list. Now, click Manage Redirection.

manage redirection for the parked domain

Step 4. Alias Redirection

In the form, enter the primary domain you want the alias to point to and click Save.

alias redirection for the parked domain

When you’ve successfully added the redirection, it takes up to 24 hours for the change to take effect, due to DNS propagation worldwide.

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